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Intro. to Entrepreneurship 4-5 Slide

Please write one paragraph (4-6 sentences) in the form of a letter that can be anonymously shared to future BUILD students answering the following question: What are two pieces of advice to students on how to use a growth mindset to get through designing a business and the prototyping phase of BUILD.

Intro. to Entrepreneurship 4-4 Slide

Today will be work time to begin your prototype. Please use this time to think about and discuss what your prototype will look like.  Once you have a plan and are ready, use this time to begin designing your prototype. 1. Describe your prototype.  What will it look like? (Add a picture model/drawing) 2. What supplies do you need to build it?  3. Where will you get these supplies?  4. How much will the supplies cost?

Intro. to Entrepreneurship 4-3 Slide

1. Write a new product description based on your feedback and new ideas. 2. Did you get any new ideas from the feedback sessions in our previous sections and from revising your business idea?  If yes, what were they 3. Is it possible to prototype effectively without having a growth mindset?  Why or why not? 4. Add an updated sketch or picture model of your product/business.

April Fools

2 bonus points to the first student from each class that figures out my April Fools joke once you get to class.

Intro. to Entrepreneurship 4-2C Slide

Directions: Use this time to sketch/plan a second draft of their product design, incorporating the feedback from their partner team.  Encourage teams to conduct additional research for materials that will make their product effective.  Groups should use the feedback to once again answer the following: Draw or find a picture model of a product. Describe your product. What materials do you need? Focus question - what is one question you have about your design, and something you’d like feedback on?