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Intro. to Entrepreneurship 4-2B Slide

Directions: Answer/complete the following on your 4-2B Slide: Draw or find a picture model of a product. Describe your product. What materials to you need? Focus question - what is one question you have about your design, and something you’d like feedback on?

Intro. to Entrepreneurship 4-2A Slide

I nstructions: Copy and paste the following into your 4-2 Slide and answer the questions based on what you’ve learned from today’s lesson about Product Design: Wisdom: 1. Discuss an important piece of wisdom you learned. (At least two sentences) Transfer: 2. Write about one way you can use the skills you learned in another context. (At least two sentences) Idea: 3. Write about one idea you had. (At least two sentences)

Intro. to Entrepreneurship 4-1 Slide

Think about your greatest accomplishment or the time when you were proud of yourself.  Copy and paste the following into your slide and answer:  Now, look at the Growth Mindset Statements that we looked at earlier, and write about how knowing this quote would have helped you do even better in your situation (At least 3 sentences please) Explain what the quote you chose means to you and how it can help an entrepreneur become successful. (At least 3 sentences please)

Intro. to Entrepreneurship 3-9 Slide

For the business you are designing, list the names of your group members or the roles you would like people to have who are part of your upper management. If you are working by yourself, explain what the different roles of upper management are responsible for If you have a group, decide if you would like to assign specific titles to anyone.  If not, please write the what each group member is responsible for. *Look over the hierarchy in a company from your notes. Decide if you would like anyone in your group to be given any of these titles.Decide if you would like to assign anyone in your group with other titles (Co-Owner, Founder, Co-Founder, President, etc.)

Intro. to Entrepreneurship 3-8 Slide

(3-6 and 3-7 are skipped in the half year course since we do not do the Idea Pitch/Business Plan segment) Directions: Copy and paste the following questions into your 3-8 Slide and fill out a Head, Heart, Hand Chart. Business Idea: Head = What is something you THINK went well? Heart = What is something you feel good about? Hand = What is one thing you will do better

Marketing/Business Communications BC Ch. 1 Case Study

Begin Business Communications Ch. 1 Slideshow with a Case Study on a business of your choice that you will research and report on. Please include (2 slides): 1. History  2. Company/product description 3. How does this company use marketing effectively?

Entrepreneurship 3-5B Slide

Directions: Copy and paste the information in bold into your 3-5B Slide.  Students should use this to write the script for their elevator pitches.  Remind students that pitches must be two minutes or less and include: Introduction... (Who are you? ) Pain Statement... (What problem are you trying to solve?) Product  &  Value  Proposition... (What  is  your  product  and  how  does  it  solve  this problem?) Target Market.. (Who is your product designed for?) Closing / Thank You...

Intro. to Entrepreneurship 3-4B Slide

Directions:  Choose a career you are interested in and do a SWOT Analysis of it.  Copy and paste the following into your 3-4B Slide: What are the strengths and weaknesses of this potential career? (At least 2 sentences please) What opportunities do you have to learn about and explore this career? (At least 2 sentences)  What might threaten your success in this career? (At least 2 sentences)

Intro. to Entrepreneurship 3-4A Slide

Directions: Choose groups of 2-3 and choose two business ideas you would like to design this semester.  Review your SWOT Analysis for all five options so that you are informed decision-makers.  You are not just deciding which ideas you like best, but which have the potential to be the most successful businesses.  Copy and paste the following into your 3-4A Slide: Business Idea #1 Name: Explain idea #1 (At least 2 sentences please): Business Idea #2 Name: Explain idea #2 (At least 2 sentences please):

Intro. to Entrepreneurship 3-3 Slide

  Directions: Copy and paste the following into your 3-3 Slide, and answer the questions. 1. Brainstorm what your end-goal for a business idea is ( At least three sentences ) 2. What are the criteria for a good business idea?  (What is needed for a good business idea? At least three sentences )

Intro. to Entrepreneurship 3-2 Slide

Using customer review sites like Amazon, Google Reviews or Yelp, identify similar products or businesses that already exist in the marketplace: Product/Business #1: Product’s strengths - Product’s weaknesses - Product/Business #2: Product’s strengths - Product’s weaknesses -

Intro. to Entrepreneurship 3-1 Slide

Directions: Brainstorm business ideas that could solve the problems and needs the class identified. Problem or Need What problem or need are you solving? (At least 2 sentences) Business Idea What is your idea and how does it solve this problem? (At least 2 sentences) Feasibility Is this idea feasible?  What is one feasibility obstacle you might encounter? (At least 2 sentences)