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B Block Intro. toEntrepreneurship

From our activity today, please copy and paste the following into your Ch. 1 Slideshow for your 1-2 Slide and answer the questions: Were you a team player today?  Why or why not? (At least 2 sentences please) How well did you collaborate with your group? (At least 2 sentences please) In what ways could you improve your collaboration skills? (At least 2 sentences please)

B and G Blocks ONLY: Work for this week

This is the link for your work for this week, January 10 through January 14.  Students will be completing a Wrap-Up Slideshow about the business they designed.   This is similar to your final, but it is not your final exam. Due: Friday, January 14, 2021 Method of Submission: Email ( )

2022 Midterm Schedule