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How to retire a millionaire video shown in class - watch this if you want to do this!

Start at 1:20 and watch for 2 minutes and 30 seconds in the link below... it just might make you a millionaire some day; YouTube Video

B, F and G Blocks: Career Research Link

Click on "Read More" for the link for the Career Research Activty/Worksheet

Entrepreneurship 5-2B Slide

  START-UP COSTS: (Items that only need to be purchased once and can be used to run your business) (Item) (Price)         OPERATING COSTS: (Items other than Cost of Goods Sold that will eventually run out and be used to run your business) (Item) (Price)        

Entpreneurship 5-2 Slide

Calculate your own Cost of Goods sold for your products from Chapter 4.   List the items needed to make your product and identifying its cost per unit. Determine a selling price for your product and state why you chose that. What is your profit? (Sale Price - Cost of Goods Sold)  Will this allow you to be a profitable business?  Why or why not?

Entrepreneurship 5-1 Slide

Ask students to work with their groups to brainstorm possible questions that they could use on their products’ consumer surveys to address each of the 4 P’s: 1. One survey question about product. 2. One survey question about place. 3. One survey question about price. 4. One survey question about promotion.