Entrepreneurship 2-3 Slide

 Empathy Walk:

  1. How did your city get its name?

  2. Describe the people in your school? (i.e. age, where they are from, religion, etc.)

  3. Take a picture that describes your school.

  4. Get a sound that describes your area.

  5. Get a video of your neighborhood that describes daily life.

  6. Take a picture of your favorite area of your school.

  7. Describe your favorite place in your school.

  8. Describe the atmosphere and/or mood of your school.

  9. Where can students go to get help at any part of the day?

  10. What is the best part of the school?

  11. What is the worst part of the school?

  12. What can be changed in the school to make it better for students?

  13. What do teachers seem to be doing when you walk through the halls?

  14. What is the brightest part of the school?

  15. Take a picture with your favorite staff member.