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D Block Entrepreneurship 4-2B Slide

Directions: Answer/complete the following on your 4-2B Slide: 1. Draw or find a picture model of a product. 2. Describe your product. 3. What materials to you need? 4. Focus question - what is one question you have about your design, and something you’d like feedback on?

B and G Block Intro. to Entrepreneurship: 1-2 Slide

Directions: Please copy and paste into your 1-2 Slide and answer the questions that go along with today's collaboration activity. 1. Were you a team player today?  Why or why not? (At least 2 sentences please) 2. How well did you collaborate with your group? (At least 2 sentences please) 3. In what ways could you improve your collaboration skills? (At least 2 sentences please)

D Block Entrepreneurship 4-2 Slide

Instructions: Copy and paste the following into your 4-2 Slide and answer the questions based on what you’ve learned from today’s lesson about Product Design: *Wisdom: Discuss an important piece of wisdom you learned. (At least two sentences) *Transfer: Write about one way you can use the skills you learned in another context. (At least two sentences) *Idea: Write about one idea you had. (At least two sentences)

D Block Entrepreneurship 4-1 Slide

Think about your greatest accomplishment or the time when you were proud of yourself.  Copy and paste the following into your slide and answer:  1. Now, look at the Growth Mindset Statements that we looked at earlier, and point out a statement that, had you known about them, you would have used at that time. (At least 3 sentences please) 2. Explain why this statement relates to your particular situation. (At least 3 sentences please)

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