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Links For My Class Agenda

Click below for: Agenda Link  for Entrepreneurship and Marketing/Business Communications: Agenda Link for Journalism/The Herald *This will be updated immediately before each class.

Entrepreneurship 3-9 Slide

List the names of your group members for your idea pitch and decide if you would like to assign specific titles to anyone.  If not, please write the what each group member is responsible for. *Look over the hierarchy in a company from your notes. Decide if you would like anyone in your group to be given any of these titles. Decide if you would like to assign anyone in your group with other titles (Co-Owner, Founder, Co-Founder, President, etc.) *When you finish, please practice your Pitch.  **E Block: Next class you will present your Initial Pitch (Final Pitch in Spring)

Entrepreneurship 3-8 Slide

Directions: Copy and paste the following questions into your 3-8 Slide and fill out a Head, Heart, Hand Chart. 1. Business Idea for Idea Pitch: 2. Head = What is something you THINK went well? 3. Heart = What is something you feel good about? 4. Hand = What is one thing you will do better

Entrepreneurship 3-7 Slide

What makes you a strong presenter?  Use specific examples. (At least two sentences) What is one thing you are nervous might happen in the Idea Pitch?  What can you do if it happens? (At least two sentences) What is one question you have for the judges about your business idea? (At least two sentences)