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Entrepreneurship 3-6 Slide

1. Pull up your 3-5B Slide, the rough draft of your business pitch. 2. Copy your 3-5B Slide into a new 3-6 Slide and paste your work... 3. Review and refine your pitch.  Please make any necessary changes and create a final draft of your business pitch for your 3-6 Slide. 4. Students should use this time to rehearse their pitches with their groups (from the script on the 3-6 Slide)

Entrepreneurship 3-5B Slide

Directions: Copy and paste the information in bold into your 3-5B Slide.  Students should use this to write the script for their elevator pitches.  Remind students that pitches must be two minutes or less and include: Introduction... (Who are you?) Pain Statement... (What problem are you trying to solve?) Product  &  Value  Proposition... (What  is  your  product and  how  does  it  solve  this problem?) Target Market.. (Who is your product designed for?) Closing / Thank You...

Business Club Meeting Zoom Link

Link - Password -  miami

Entrepreneurship: Due Friday 12/17 for Progress Reports

  **Please submit your Ch. 3 Note Catcher for the first half of the chapter by Friday.*** We are going to present the first part of Chapter 3, 3-1 through 3-4B next class. I need to put grades in for Chapter 3, as the progress report is coming next week, and this chapter has been extremely long. So let's present the first half of Ch. 3 Thursday 12/16 and Monday.

Entrepreneurship 3-5A Slide

Directions: On your 3-5A Slide, write a 60-second elevator pitch describing your dream future and the path you’ll take to get there.  If you are not working in a group, share your elevator pitch to a classmate.   *Please don’t forget to add a visual to your slide.

Entrepreneurship 3-4B Slide

Directions:  Choose a career you are interested in and do a SWOT Analysis of it.  Copy and paste the following into your 3-4B Slide: What are the strengths and weaknesses of this potential career? (At least 2 sentences please) What opportunities do you have to learn about and explore this career? (At least 2 sentences)  What might threaten your success in this career? (At least 2 sentences)

D Block Working Table for Business Ideas

1. Click link 2. Add your name and business idea into the table I apologize for the long directions.

Entrepreneurship 3-4A Slide

Directions: Choose groups of 2-3 and choose two business ideas you would like to present at the Idea Pitch.  Review your SWOT Analysis for all five options so that you are informed decision-makers.  You are not just deciding which ideas you like best, but which have the potential to be the most successful businesses.  Copy and paste the following into your 3-4A Slide: Business Idea #1 Name: Explain idea #1 (At least 2 sentences please): Business Idea #2 Name: Explain idea #2 (At least 2 sentences please):

Entrepreneurship 3-3 Slide

  Directions: Copy and paste the following into your 3-3 Slide, and answer the questions. 1. What your end-goal for a business idea is ( At least three sentences ) 2. What are the criteria for a good business idea?  (What is needed for a good business idea? At least three sentences )

Entrepreneurship 3-2 Slide

Using customer review sites like and Yelp, identify similar products that already exist in the marketplace: Product #1: Product’s strengths - Product’s weaknesses - Product #2: Product’s strengths - Product’s weaknesses -