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Entrepreneurship 2-5 Slide

Instructions: Copy, paste and answer the following on your 2-5 Slide:
Create an advertisement for your 2-5 Slide for a product that can help our community (our school).   These products can be something physical that the customers can carry around with them, or it can be a digital product, such as an app or a website that they can use on their phones or computers.

Entrepreneurship 2-4 Slide

Sort the responses from your empathy walk into the three categories below.  Try to summarize responses (even if they were documented as a photo, video, or artifact) in 1-2 sentences.  People may have said these things explicitly, or you inferred them based on what you saw and heard.

Problems & Needs (These are problems, concerns, or needs you identified in the community.)

Values & Assets (These are strengths and resources you saw in the community as well as what people seemed to care about.)

(These are ideas people had for improving their community.)

Entrepreneurship 2-2 Slide

State three elicitive questions that worked, generating a deep response. State three elicitive questions that did not work. How can elicitive questions help you communicate better in the business world/real world? (i.e. interviews, jobs, etc.)

Entrepreneurship 2-1 Slide

Copy and paste the following into your 2-1 Slide, and complete below: Name and logo (visual from Google Slides): Slogan: Price: Where it can be purchased:
Target Market (age, gender, race, income, geographic location, customer interests):

Entrepreneurship 1-5 Slide

What does not work in the current cafeteria?

   2. What would you like to change?

   3. How will you make this change/pay for it?

Entrepreneurship 1-4 Slide

Create/describe a new product.
*Requires collaboration and innovative thinking.
Product name and slogan Description of what the product does Price of the product Target market Who would be most likely to buy this product?