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Entrepreneurship 5-2B Slide

START-UP COSTS: (Items that only need to be purchased once and can be used to run your business) (Item) (Price) OPERATING COSTS: (Items other than Cost of Goods Sold that will eventually run out and be used to run your business)
(Item) (Price)

Entrepreneurship 5-2 Slide

Calculate your own Cost of Goods sold for your products from Chapter 4.  
List the items needed to make your product and identifying its cost per unit. Determine a selling price for your product and state why you chose that. What is your profit? (Sale Price - Cost of Goods Sold)  Will this allow you to be a profitable business? Why or why not?

Entrepreneurship 5-1 Slide

Ask students to work with their groups to brainstorm possible questions that they could use on their products’ consumer surveys to address each of the 4 P’s: One survey question about product. 2. One survey question about place. 3. One survey question about price. 4. One survey question about promotion.

Entrepreneurship 4-5 Slide

Please write one paragraph (4-6 sentences) in the form of a letter that can be anonymously shared to future BUILD students answering the following question:
What are two pieces of advice to students on how to use a growth mindset to get through the Idea Pitch and the prototyping phase of BUILD.

Entrepreneurship 4-4C Slide

Did any part of the product confuse people?   Did participants struggle to make the product work?   Did the product break when people used it? Identify two key ways you want to improve your prototype.
*Choose an appropriate picture or visual for testing or focus groups as part of your 4-4C Slide.

Entrepreneurship 4-4B Slide

Describe your prototype.  What does it look like? What supplies are you using to build it? Are you happy with your prototype?  Why or why not? If you could make one change, what would it be?

Entrepreneurship 4-4 Slide

Describe your prototype.  What will it look like? What supplies do you need to build it? Where will you get these supplies? How much will the supplies cost?