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Entrepreneurship 4-1B Slide

Directions: Copy and paste the information in bold into your 3-5A Slide.  Students should use this to write the script for their elevator pitches. Remind students that pitches must be two minutes or less and include: Introduction... (Who are you? ) Pain Statement... (What problem are you trying to solve?) Product  & Value Proposition... (What  is your product and how does  it solve this problem?) Target Market.. (Who is your product designed for?)
Closing / Thank You..

Entrepreneurship 4-1 Slide

Think about your greatest accomplishment or the time when you were proud of yourself.  Copy and paste the following into your slide and answer:
Now, look at the Growth Mindset Statements that we looked at earlier, and point out a statement that, had you known about them, you would have used at that time. (At least 3 sentences please) Explain why this statement relates to your particular situation. (At least 3 sentences please)

Entrepreneurship Survey

Welcome back, and hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  Here is the link to the survey for 11/26/18:

Thank you in advance for participating.

- Mr. Baru

Entrepreneurship 3-9 Slide

List the names of your group members for your idea pitch and decide if you would like to assign specific titles to anyone. If not, please write the what each group member is responsible for.

*Look over the hierarchy in a company from your notes. Decide if you would like anyone in your group to be given any of these titles. Decide if you would like to assign anyone in your group with other titles (Co-Owner, Founder, Co-Founder, President, etc.)

Entrepreneurship 3-8 Slide

Directions: Copy and paste the following into your 3-8 Slide and fill out a Head, Heart, Hand Chart. Business Idea for Idea Pitch:
Head = What is something you THINK went well?
Heart = What is something you feel good about?
Hand = What is one thing you will do better

Thank You

Thank you to all students who participated in Thursday's field trip.  It was an amazing experience, and I was pleased to see so many students trying hard to compete.  Thank you for a smooth, successful field trip, and have a great long weekend.

- Mr. Baru

Entrepreneurship 3-7 Slide

Directions: Copy and paste the following into your 3-7 Slide and answer the questions.
What makes you a strong presenter?  Use specific examples. (At least two sentences)
What is one thing you are nervous might happen in the Idea Pitch?  What can you do if it happens? (At least two sentences)
What is one question you have for the judges about your business idea? (At least two sentences)
*When you finish, please practice your Pitch.