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Entrepreneurship 3-6 Slide


Pull up your 3-5B Slide. Students should use this time to rehearse their Idea Pitches with their groups (from the script on the 3-5B Slide) Idea Pitch partners can rehearse, while their teammates follow along on their scripts and provide hints when they get stuck.

Entrepreneurship 3-5B Slide

Directions: Copy and paste the information in bold into your 3-5A Slide.  Students should use this to write the script for their elevator pitches. Remind students that pitches must be two minutes or less and include: Introduction... (Who are you? ) Pain Statement... (What problem are you trying to solve?) Product  & Value Proposition... (What  is your product and how does  it solve this problem?) Target Market.. (Who is your product designed for?)
Closing / Thank You..

Entrepreneurship 3-5A Slide

Directions: On your 3-5A Slide, write a 60-second elevator pitch describing your dream future and the path you’ll take to get there.  If you are not working in a group, share your elevator pitch to a classmate.
*Please don’t forget to add a visual to your slide.

Entrepreneurship 3-4B Slide:

Directions:  Choose a career you are interested in and do a SWOT Analysis of it.  Copy and paste the following into your 3-4B Slide: What are the strengths and weaknesses of this potential career? (At least 2 sentences please)
What opportunities do you have to learn about and explore this career? (At least 2 sentences)
What might threaten your success in this career? (At least 2 sentences)

Entrepreneurship: 3-4A Slide

Directions: Choose groups of 2-3 and choose two business ideas you would like to present
at the Idea Pitch.  Review your SWOT Analysis for all five options so that you are informed
decision-makers. You are not just deciding which ideas you like best, but which have the
potential to be the most successful businesses.  Copy and paste the following into
your 3-4A Slide: Business Idea #1 Name: Explain idea #1 (At least 2 sentences please): Business Idea #2 Name:
Explain idea #2 (At least 2 sentences please):

Entrepreneurship 3-3 Slide

Directions: Copy and paste the following into your 3-2 Slide, and answer the questions.
Brainstorm what your end-goal for a business idea is (At least three sentences please:
What are the criteria for a good business idea?  (What is needed for a good business idea? At least three sentences):

Entrepreneurship 3-2 Slide

Using customer review sites like and Yelp, identify similar products that already exist in the marketplace: Product #1: Product’s strengths - Product’s weaknesses - Product #2: Product’s strengths -
Product’s weaknesses -

Entrepreneurship 3-1 Slide

Directions: Brainstorm business ideas that could solve the problems and needs the class identified. Problem or Need What problem or need are you solving? (At least 2 sentences) Business Idea What is your idea and how does it solve this problem? (At least 2 sentences) Feasibility
Is this idea feasible?  What is one feasibility obstacle you might encounter? (At least 2 sentences)

Entrepreneurship 2-5 Slide

Create an advertisement for your 2-5 Slide for a product that can help our community (our school).   These products can be something physical that the customers can carry around with them, or it can be a digital product, such as an app or a website that they can use on their phones or computers.

Entrepreneurship 2-4 Slide

Sort the responses from your empathy walk into the three categories below for your 2-4 Slide.
Try to summarize responses (even if they were documented as a photo, video, or artifact) in 1-2 sentences.  People may have said these things explicitly, or you inferred them based on what you saw and heard.
1. Problems & Needs: (These are problems, concerns, or needs you identified in the community.)
2. Values & Assets: (These are strengths and resources you saw in the community as well as what people seemed to care about.)
3. Ideas:
(These are ideas people had for improving their community.)