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Entrepreneurship 1-1 Slide

Instructions: Copy and paste into your Day 1 slide and complete the sentences.

1. The Spark Skill that I excel in the most is...

    I use this skill every day when I ...

2. The Spark Skill that I am pretty good at, but could use some work in is...

    I use this skill when I...

3. The Spark Skill that I need the most practice in is...

    I can practice this Spark Skill when I...

Entrepreneurship 1-1 Notes

Spark Goals:
Collaboration - Working together as a team to achieve a goal. (Door)
Communication - Expressing ideas (Board)
Grit - Sticking to a goal and working hard to achieve it. (Front Windows)
Innovation - New and bright ideas (Back Windows)
Problem Solving - Using critical thinking and solving problems. (Sink)

Self-Management - Being self-reflective

Welcome back

Welcome back to school everyone.  This is a website where my students can see all of their assignments for the week, as well as any announcements I may have for class.  I will also share any links or information to help out with the class.  It's also a good way for parents to contact me, as my email is on the contact page.

If you are every absent, this website is a great tool to use to keep up with the class while you are out, and find out what you've missed when you return.  Just log onto, and stay connected with the class anywhere you are.

Looking forward to another great year, and again, welcome back.

- Mr. Baru