Entrepreneurship 2-3 Slide

Empathy Walk:How did you neighborhood get it’s name?Describe the people in your neighborhood? (i.e. age, where they are from, religion, etc.)Take a picture that describes your area.Get a sound that describes your area.Get a video of your neighborhood that describes daily life.Take a picture of a local park.Describe your favorite place in your area.

Entrepreneurship 2-2 Slide

State three elicitive questions that worked, generating a deep response.State three elicitive questions that did not work.How can elicitive questions help you communicate better in the business world/real world? (i.e. interviews, jobs, etc.) (2 sentences please)

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Entrepreneurship 2-1 Slide

Water Bottle Challenge
Name and logo (visual from Google Slides):Slogan:Price:Where it can be purchased:Target Market (age, gender, race, income, geographic location, customer interests):

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Entrepreneurship: 1-5 Slide

Copy and paste this into your Ch.1 Slideshow and answer the following questions for 1-5:What does not work in the current cafeteria?

   2. What would you like to change?

   3. How will you make this change/pay for it?

Entrepreneurship 1-4 Slide

Your 1-4 Slide: Create/describe a new product.
*Requires collaboration and innovative thinking.
Include: Product name and sloganDescription of what the product doesPrice of the productTarget marketWho would be most likely to buy this product?