D Block Entrepreneurship 4-2B Slide

Directions: Answer/complete the following on your 4-2B Slide: 1. Draw or find a picture model of a product. 2. Describe your product. 3. What materials to you need? 4. Focus question - what is one question you have about your design, and something you’d like feedback on?

B and G Block Intro. to Entrepreneurship: 1-2 Slide

Directions: Please copy and paste into your 1-2 Slide and answer the questions that go along with today's collaboration activity. 1. Were you a team player today?  Why or why not? (At least 2 sentences please) 2. How well did you collaborate with your group? (At least 2 sentences please) 3. In what ways could you improve your collaboration skills? (At least 2 sentences please)

D Block Entrepreneurship 4-2 Slide

Instructions: Copy and paste the following into your 4-2 Slide and answer the questions based on what you’ve learned from today’s lesson about Product Design: *Wisdom: Discuss an important piece of wisdom you learned. (At least two sentences) *Transfer: Write about one way you can use the skills you learned in another context. (At least two sentences) *Idea: Write about one idea you had. (At least two sentences)

D Block Entrepreneurship 4-1 Slide

Think about your greatest accomplishment or the time when you were proud of yourself.  Copy and paste the following into your slide and answer:  1. Now, look at the Growth Mindset Statements that we looked at earlier, and point out a statement that, had you known about them, you would have used at that time. (At least 3 sentences please) 2. Explain why this statement relates to your particular situation. (At least 3 sentences please)

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Entrepreneurship 3-9 Slide

List the names of your group members for your idea pitch and decide if you would like to assign specific titles to anyone.  If not, please write the what each group member is responsible for. *Look over the hierarchy in a company from your notes. Decide if you would like anyone in your group to be given any of these titles. Decide if you would like to assign anyone in your group with other titles (Co-Owner, Founder, Co-Founder, President, etc.) *When you finish, please practice your Pitch.  **E Block: Next class you will present your Initial Pitch (Final Pitch in Spring)