Entrepreneurship 3-1 Slide

Directions: Brainstorm business ideas that could solve the problems and needs the class identified. Problem or Need What problem or need are you solving? (At least 2 sentences) Business Idea What is your idea and how does it solve this problem? (At least 2 sentences) Feasibility Is this idea feasible?  What is one feasibility obstacle you might encounter? (At least 2 sentences)

Entrepreneurship: 3-1A Slides

 3-1A Slides (Case Study): Assignment: To begin your Ch. 3 Slideshow, create the first two slides (3-1A) reporting about your favorite product or business that solved a problem in your life (Spotify, wireless headphones, golf pull-cart, anything that solved a problem in your life).   More information: We are starting Chapter 3 today, and the chapter is called "Ideate".  This is a study of what we are going to sell, and seeing problems as opportunities.  Use the next two classes as a case study to research your favorite product or business that solved a problem in your life (examples are above) and report about the product, the particular problem it solved, and how it solved that problem.  Use the next two classes to research and then report as your 3-1A Slides ( create two slides for this case study for full credit).

Survey from Patrick (from Journalism class) if you wouldn't mind helping him out...

Patrick is in Journalism class and he is doing a survey, if you can help him out by answering that would be great... Click Here

My classes will not meet on 11/6/20, Personal Day due to family matter

Hey students and parents/guardians, I need to take a Personal Day due to a family matter on 11/6/20 and my classes will not meet.  Here is the work to complete from home due the following class on 11/10: Marketing/Business Communications (C Block): W ork from home and begin Ch. 4 vocabulary  found on the Ch. 4 PowerPoint I shared in the Google Classroom in the Stream section.  Please begin making your Ch. 4 Slideshow working only on 4-1. Entrepreneurship (D Block): W ork from home on finishing your Chapter 2 Slideshow and Chapter 2 Note Catcher so that you are ready for the Presentation Day on Tuesday.  You will present your Chapter 2 Slideshow and hand in the Chapter 2 Note Catcher. Intro. to Entrepreneurship (B Block): W ork from home to finish your Ch. 2 Slideshow and prepare so that you are ready to present on Tuesday.  Make sure your Ch. 2 Note Catcher is complete and ready to hand in on  Tuesday with your presentation.   Thank you, and as always, please send me an email with a

Entrepreneurship 2-5 Slide

  Create an advertisement for your 2-5 Slide for a product that can help our community (our school).   These products can be something physical that the customers can carry around with them, or it can be a digital product, such as an app or a website that they can use on their phones or computers.

Entrepreneurship 2-4 Slide

Sort the responses from your empathy walk into the three categories below.  Try to summarize responses (even if they were documented as a photo, video, or artifact) in 1-2 sentences.  People may have said these things explicitly, or you inferred them based on what you saw and heard. Problems & Needs: (These are problems, concerns, or needs you identified in the community.) Values & Assets: (These are strengths and resources you saw in the community as well as what people seemed to care about.) Ideas: (These are ideas people had for improving their community.)

Entrepreneurship 2-3 Slide

Empathy Walk: How did you neighborhood get it’s name? Describe the people in your neighborhood? (i.e. age, where they are from, religion, etc.) Take a picture that describes your area. Get a sound that describes your area. Get a video of your neighborhood that describes daily life. Take a picture of a local park. Describe your favorite place in your area.