Entrepreneurship: 1-2 Slide

Are you a team player in your life (i.e. sports, clubs, band, chorus, drama, etc.) Why or why not? (At least 2 sentences please)How well do you collaborate with others? Explain. (At least 2 sentences please)
In what ways could you improve your collaboration skills? (At least 2 sentences please)

Do Now Links

Use these links to look up current events in business to use for the Do Now:Masslive Business: Business: forbes.comFor The Herlad use, or

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Welcome back to school everyone.  This is a website where my students can see all of their assignments for the week, as well as any announcements I may have for class.  I will also share any links or information to help out with the class.  It's also a good way for parents to contact me, as my email is on the contact page.

If you are every absent, this website is a great tool to use to keep up with the class while you are out, and find out what you've missed when you return.  Just log onto, and stay connected with the class anywhere you are.

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