B and F ONLY: Entrepreneurship Ch. 4 Case Study

What is Chapter 4 about?   Prototyping: d esigning my product or business, and using a growth mindset to take feedback to improve their business Assignment: Choose a futuristic product you would like to see invented  Describe the product How will you produce it? How much will it cost to produce?  How much will it cost when you sell it? What marketing will you use to get the word out about your product? Include pictures of what it would look like 2 slides, 3-4 bullets per slide Example: a robotic tripod that can hold your phone for video and move around

E Block ONLY - Entrepreneurship 3-7 Slide

What makes you a strong presenter?  Use specific examples. (At least two sentences) What is one thing you are nervous might happen in the Idea Pitch?  What can you do if it happens? (At least two sentences) What is one question you have for the judges about your business idea? (At least two sentences) *When you finish, please practice your Pitch.

E Block ONLY - Entrepreneurship 3-6 Slide

Pull up your 3-5B Slide. Students should use this time to rehearse their Idea Pitches with their groups (from the script on the 3-5B Slide) Idea Pitch partners can rehearse, while their teammates follow along on their scripts and provide hints when they get stuck.

INTRO CLASS ONLY - B and F Blocks: 3-9 Slide

List the names of your group members for your idea pitch and decide if you would like to assign specific titles to anyone.  If not, please write the what each group member is responsible for. *Look over the hierarchy in a company from your notes. Decide if you would like anyone in your group to be given any of these titles. Decide if you would like to assign anyone in your group with other titles (Co-Owner, Founder, Co-Founder, President, etc.) *When you finish, please practice your Pitch.

(INTRO. CLASS ONLY - B AND F BLOCKS) Intro. to Entrepreneurship 3-8 Slide

My Intro.  classes will be moving onto 3-8 - we will not be doing 3-6 or 3-7 because this half-year course does not include time for full business pitches or full business plans to be developed, which the full-year course does include.    3-8 Slide: Directions: Copy and paste the following questions into your 3-8 Slide and fill out a Head, Heart, Hand Chart. Business Idea for Idea Pitch: Head = What is something you THINK went well? Heart = What is something you feel good about? Hand = What is one thing you will do better

Entrepreneurship 3-5B Slide

Directions: Copy and paste the information in bold into your 3-5B Slide.  Students should use this to write the script for their elevator pitches.  Remind students that pitches must be two minutes or less and include: Introduction... (Who are you? ) Pain Statement... (What problem are you trying to solve?) Product  &  Value  Proposition... (What  is  your  product  and  how  does  it  solve  this problem?) Target Market.. (Who is your product designed for?) Closing / Thank You...

Entrepreneurship 3-5A Slide

Directions: On your 3-5A Slide, write a 60-second elevator pitch describing your dream future and the path you’ll take to get there.  If you are not working in a group, share your elevator pitch to a classmate.   *Please don’t forget to add a visual to your slide.